An Ode from a Kid

With this disgusting incident at VIBGYOR school, I felt compelled to write this. We are in a world where the kids are not safe anywhere…imagine this from a kid’s perspective.

Ode from a KID

Monsters here, monsters there

Monsters everywhere.

Where do I go, Where do I hide

Everywhere they have a lair.


There is a park

But I cannot play.

Should I stray out in the dark

Or should I wait for the day?


The ice cream cart is ringing

Calling out to me.

But I am just clinging

To any safety I see!


The roads have no noise

Coz my friends are all in.

We have no choice

As Playing is a sin.


Coz Monsters here, monsters there

Monsters everywhere.

Where do I go, Where do I hide

Everywhere they have a lair

The “By-Two” Syndrome

“Waiter, please get me a one By-Two soup, a By Two pasta and a By Two Dessert”

If you find nothing wrong with the above, then you are a true-blue Indian!

We Indians, love sharing and the “By-Two” syndrome is a part of our daily life. Right from sharing food to sharing drinks and tea, we don’t shy away from sharing. The origin of “By-Two” was probably because affordability is low, sharing  a good meal was difficult but while the affordability has gone up  – the sharing continues.

It does not feel odd to ask for “By Two” as far as restaurants go, but we have even, allowed the “By-Two” in our other aspects of life. To give you an example – I walk into this bowling alley and buy a game for two. In normal circumstances, it would mean two games with 10 frames each and to my horror, the lane marshal at the bowling alley explained how I was wrong and it is one game By-Two – that is one game of ten frames for two !!!

Ever heard of “Cutting Chai”? Ask any Ahmedabadi and he will explain to you that “cutting chai” is nothing but – pay for one chai, get for two. This should give you a gist of the latest schemes that our mobile operators  have to offer.

Probably the reason why – “Buy one get one free” schemes work well for promoters. Well, all I can say is we have been bitten by the “By Two” syndrome. After all, it’s all about the “By-Two” Sharing!!!

Musings of a Working Indian Mother

“What better way to start this blog than the topic that is closest to me . Notice the three key words in my topic for the day – Working Indian Mother”

Recently, I read Mr. Chetan Bhagat’s article ( on the most stressed women being the Indian women. Well, I agree with the chap and more importantly, relate to it. And I would like to further iterate on it by depicting a typical day in the life of a working woman….

The morning alarm rings (rather the body alarm rings) and I arise. I juggle with the role of being a supervisor to a cook (and in some cases, being the cook myself) listing down the menu for the day (and in which some cases is elaborate, talk about family having to adjust….hmmm). I manage the task while completing my own morning chores and in between, switching to the role of a mother – waking up the brats. urging them to finish their chores, getting dressed and going to school. Somewhere in between all this, I becomes a daughter in law, a PA and a wife – setting reminders for the large demands that the rest of the population in the household. (and mind you, its thankless, salaryless and is called a DUTY)

The morning marathon gives way to my driving through the potholes (in some cases, being driven through the potholes) to my “salaried” workplace. Mind you, I am not just driving but talking to the housemaid on the chores at home, coordinating drops and pick ups for the rest of the household, paying my bills, writing my cheques, speaking to the extended family on their well-being( and to them, I never really has the time, pretend to be busy, have no sense of duty…how very stereotypical)

Work being work, I give my full attention and response to it, I listen, sort out problems, come up with ideas and becomes one of them (men =women) . My expectations are the same and will remain the same (after all, it’s my problem…yawn !)

Next comes my time to go home, I pack, drives through the potholes, while talking to people at work, service men (phone not working, gas delivery to be coordinated, plumber to be called) and reach to become a mommy again. Juggling the mommy role, with the good wife, neighbour and friend, I work on the homework, gets the kids to shuttle between classes, coordinat the birthday parties and dinner parties and finally, end my day….but only to continue it the next day.

And wait, I haven’t finished – the weekend . I still am a mommy, a wifey, a daughter and an in -law  (don’t forgeti the social obligations that we have to fulfill, else you know how many hearts you break ) and all I get in return, is expectations and more. No wonder as Mr. Bhagat points out – we women, are the most stressed and yes, it is time to change that!!!