The “By-Two” Syndrome

“Waiter, please get me a one By-Two soup, a By Two pasta and a By Two Dessert”

If you find nothing wrong with the above, then you are a true-blue Indian!

We Indians, love sharing and the “By-Two” syndrome is a part of our daily life. Right from sharing food to sharing drinks and tea, we don’t shy away from sharing. The origin of “By-Two” was probably because affordability is low, sharing  a good meal was difficult but while the affordability has gone up  – the sharing continues.

It does not feel odd to ask for “By Two” as far as restaurants go, but we have even, allowed the “By-Two” in our other aspects of life. To give you an example – I walk into this bowling alley and buy a game for two. In normal circumstances, it would mean two games with 10 frames each and to my horror, the lane marshal at the bowling alley explained how I was wrong and it is one game By-Two – that is one game of ten frames for two !!!

Ever heard of “Cutting Chai”? Ask any Ahmedabadi and he will explain to you that “cutting chai” is nothing but – pay for one chai, get for two. This should give you a gist of the latest schemes that our mobile operators  have to offer.

Probably the reason why – “Buy one get one free” schemes work well for promoters. Well, all I can say is we have been bitten by the “By Two” syndrome. After all, it’s all about the “By-Two” Sharing!!!